Holzpflaster Einsatzbereiche
Holzpflaster Einsatzbereiche
Holzpflaster Einsatzbereiche

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Wood-block paving is a particularly hard-wearing, durable and resilient floor for interiors, which is made of sharp-edged and non-impregnated blocks. The end-grain surface acts as a walking surface. Our wood-block paving is technically dried, milled to size on all sides and provided with adhesive grooves on the underside.

The laying units allow a much faster laying compared to single blocks and thus reduce the time required. The finished wood-block paving complies with the guidelines of DIN 68702:2017-06, unless otherwise agreed.


Application areas

Wood-block paving is warm to the feet and offers protection against illness due to its excellent vibration damping. In large rooms or open areas (e.g. workrooms, store, coworking space) it contributes to a clearly noticeable minimisation of noise emissions.

Wood-block paving makes a significant contribution to the thermal insulation of ceilings. Even the heaviest loads over a long period of time, e.g. in industrial areas, only lead to minor wear. Due to its high performance and versatility, wood-block paving is ideally suited for many areas of application.

Holzpflaster Einsatzbereiche
Holzpflaster Einsatzbereiche



Wood-block paving according to DIN 68702 RE
For rooms in the living area, in schools, meeting places and similar areas of application
Wood moisture: 8...12 %* or by arrangement
Thickness: 22...80 mm**, as desired

Wood-block paving according to DIN 68702 WE
For workshops, workrooms in the training area without large climate fluctuations
Wood moisture: 8...13 %* or by arrangement
Thickness: 30...80 mm**, as desired

Wood-block paving according to DIN 68702 GE
For commercial and industrial purposes
Wood moisture: 10...14 %* or by arrangement
Thickness: 50...100 mm**, as desired

*According to DIN 68702:2017-06, the moisture content of individual blocks may differ from the average value or the specification by +/- 2 %.
**Thicknesses deviating from the standard can be requested from us.

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